15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review

The newly introduced MacBook Pro with touch bar is a pretty good machine. I've had a good user experience with the laptop the past month. My review goes into detail with how I used it and what my conclusions are, check it out!

I did some basic benchmarking of how OpenGL and Metal held up using two simple GFX options that can be found in the Mac App Store. The 2016, 15-inch MacBook Pro held up pretty well in both tests.

Then I jumped into rendering and exporting using Adobe applications (Premiere and Media Encoder respectively. This is what the project timeline that I rendered and exported.

The results are talked about in detail in my full review video found above. Ultimately, it's a great computer, but because of the high cost and the need to further invest in a change in work flow when talking about connectivity, it may be too much for people to jump into. I look forward to further development of the touch bar and to see what Apple brings to the next iteration of this laptop.

The Best and Worst of the LG V20


The second screen is by far one of my favorite features of the LG V20. It's a 2.1 inch, 160 X 1040 screen placed at the top of the device that shows you a ton of useful information and frequently accessed applications/settings. Next up, removable battery! Sounds weird saying that is one of my favorite features of a smartphone, but a lot of major manufactures opted to not include it in their flagships. The removable 3200 mAh easily gets me through a whole day and if I need more juice I can just throw another battery in it. Third, expandable storage and you're able to go to 256 GB via MicroSD card.

The creator focus with the LG V20 is great. You get a ton of control over the camera application and are able to capture some high quality audio when you're out making videos with the smartphone. Finally the DAC on the LG V20 is fantastically awesome and needs to be heard to be believed on how good it actually is.


The most noticeable and probably the most annoying thing about the LG V20 is the second screen bleed. The display is so bright that they shine over to the main display when going from bright to dark settings. I reached out the LG and they said it’s normal, but it's definitely bothersome.

Very noticeable bleed.

Two different review units (both production).

It's unfortunate that there is no water resistance with the LG V20 it's probably due to the storage expandability and removable battery. The one thing that doesn't make sense to me at all with the LG V20 is the mono down firing speaker, it's tinny and easily covered. I know I said I loved the second screen - and I still do - but where it is placed on the device makes it difficult to use with one hand. It's a tall device and the screen is difficult to reach.

Finally LG's skin over this version of Android is not my favorite. It'd be nice if LG left the OS and stuff like that to Google and LG spent more time focused on app development. They could easily do great things with the camera, audio recorder, and second screen maximization. This is just personal preference and is something easily solved by using a Launcher like Nova.

What do you think are some of the best and worst features of the LG V20?

My Favorite Mobile Shooting Setup

Since posting my iKan VL35 review I have received some questions from people on what exactly am I using in this video.

Well let's get into what I was using in this video. Obviously I need the camera and the iKan VL35.

I used two different build-outs in this review, the first being the known as my barebones rig. This rig is the one I shoot with when I'm not worried about monitoring my audio (see image below).

A photo posted by Tomas (@tomas_villegas) on

First is my go to HDMI cable from Monoprice. I love these cables and have ordered at least five of them ever since I've started using external monitors. The next thing I recommend for those of you using external monitors is the GyroVu QR plate. This thing has saved me so much time I can't even begin to tell you how much total. Finally the SmallHD mini ball head is a really solid option, I've found going cheap with these types of ball heads end up costing you more in the long run.

My bread and butter when it comes monitoring audio while maintaining my mobility is added to what is above. This is by far my favorite shooting rig when I need to get out and shoot. Basically I add a few pieces; a great microphone, a set of solid headphones, and a different cold shoe mount.

Well that's about it for this awesome little setup. If you have any ideas on making this setup even better, drop a comment below.

iPhone 7 Plus Slickwraps Case

Slickwraps was kind enough to send me out another one of their cases they created with partnerships from Justin Maller and Spigen. The Loverman is a part of their Helmetica Series of cases.

The ultra hi-definition print really shines and looks fantastic on the black iPhone 7 Plus. I think Slickwraps has done a fantastic job making an otherwise plain case a interesting conversation starter. Spigen cases are some of the best on the market and the prints really complement them very well.

I have had no issues getting to the mute toggle switch nor have I lost any tactile feedback from the buttons. The design of the case reassures me that I am protected from minor drops because of Spiegn's Air Cushion Technology. I also don't think twice about laying my phone face down on flat surfaces, as the raised bezels keep it clear of any potential scratches. This also goes for the camera bump on the back. It's protected!

The case feels great in the hand, and my only complaint would be is that it's so clean it shows dust and fingerprints like no other. You'll definitely be cleaning this thing off regularly. Also it's priced kind of high; coming in at $33. Slickwraps often does site wide discounts, I would recommend you wait for one of those to come around if you're looking to pick one of these up and don't need it right away.

Ultimately, if you're into charaters from comics, TV shows, and the movies Slickwraps has you covered. Hit their website to check out there cases for your device.

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