LG 31MU97 - The best 4K monitor money can buy!

The LG 31MU97 is by far one of my favorite pieces of gear. I was a big fan of the ultrawide format for quite some time, but since I've gone to shooting 95 percent of all my video on YouTube in UHD (3840X2160), the 31MU97 was a welcomed upgrade. It's allowed me to preview and edit my content at its native resolution and that has been big for me. See my full review!

As mentioned in the video review the 31MU97 doesn't come without its quirks. I'm willing to bet these issues are due to the competitive pricing of the monitor. With that in mind, I'm okay with making that sacrifice because I'm saving anywhere between $200-400 when considering similarly spec'd monitors. Both Amazon and B&H come pretty close to one another in pricing. If you're interested looking into the 31MU97 by LG, check the links below.

LG Electronics
Looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Looks beautiful, doesn't it?

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

ZEISS Batis 2.8/18 - First Impressions

I recently got the Zeiss Batis 18mm, f2.8 in for review and my first impressions of it are very good. I first came across this lens at NAB 2016 and instantly realized I needed to get this in for a more detailed review. There will be a more in-depth review and I'm definitely focusing on the video performance of this lens. Initially let's just say the auto focusing engine in this lens is really impressive; pair that fast motor with the focusing system of the Sony a7RII and you pretty much can set this thing out on its own and it's going to grab critical focus 90 percent of the time.

#Sony #a7RII w/ #CarlZeiss #Batis18mm

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At any rate, I will cover that in a more detailed video review later on, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. And if you're interested, here's a list of the stuff I used to shoot these quick samples as well.

All that said, here are some quick sample shots I grabbed in full auto in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which brings the total megapixels of the a7RII down to 36.

I just wanted to get this out as soon as possible, I've had the lens a couple of days and I've been floored by it's performance and awesomeness!

Sony a7RII Low Light Test

As I was editing my next YouTube video I was sidetracked by the awesomeness of my Sony a7RII. It being warm enough to head outside; I thought I would hit the streets and do some shooting, dragging my wife along with me. Here's the result:

I hope you enjoyed the above video, I had some fun tinkering with it and it gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with my camera. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement; please feel free to drop me a comment.

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Video Production - The Gear I Use, Part 1

Creating video is that can be done with many different gear setups, so I thought I would share the gear I use to do my work. I use these items in nearly every single one of my videos on YouTube and for external work. Don't confuse this video with thinking you need to have this gear to get started; I accumulated this gear over many years of exploring my hobby of videography. If you take anything away from this post, I hope it motivates you to just make stuff with what you have. The equipment will come with time:

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