Affordable Sony a7 Series Camera Cage

After purchasing Sony's new a7RII my bank account was empty and since I invested so much into this new camera system I needed to protect it. I also needed a field monitor, but that's another story if and when I review the a7RII. Using the camera's hot shoe to hold heavy monitors isn't desirable so I needed a solution fast and that solution needed to be affordable. So I turned to my plethora of universal gear and started building. Here's what I did:

When this task was all said and done, some folks were asking what the cage system looked like with a monitor on it. It works well with Aputure's VS series field monitors, but I use it with an Atomos Ninja Assassin, as pictured below:

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Feel free to leave me some improvement ideas on this setup, I'm always looking to make this rig more awesome!