Atomos Ninja Assassin

Atomos Discounted 4K Recorders

On January 20th, Atomos announced it's 4K under $1K pricing change on it's Atomos Ninja Assassin. In addition to that the Shogun was reduced about $500, now coming in at $1495. The Ninja Assassin is one of my most used tools when creating my content

In some cases you can find these crazy deals bundled with extras at no extra cost, so I would recommend you dig around on Amazon a bit before you purchase.

This is an amazing development in making 4K more accessible to the budget aware folks out there that have a camera that can output a 4K signal. In the press release Atomos released, their goal is to accelerate 4K adoption globally. This is good news, pretty soon you'll be able to put your new 4K television to use; at this rate 4K will be in our living rooms sooner than you think.

We are very proud to offer such cutting edge technology at truly amazing price points. 4K for under 1K will continue to speed up 4K adoption globally
— CEO and co-founder Jeromy Young