Alcatel IDOL 4S - In Pictures

I'll be the first to say the IDOL 4S isn't the best camera on the market, especially amongst the flagship phones like what Samsung and Apple bring to the table. It does get the job done with a couple caveats. For one, lighting has to be decent because the image falls to pieces pretty quickly in low light. However, that's a pretty common theme across most smartphone cameras due to the tiny sensor sizes. The second stipulation is that you have be able to set up your shot and have time to take your picture. The IDOL 4S camera is not the fastest and you will have trouble shooting fast moving subjects; even with burst shots you'll maybe get one or two usable shots from a burst of 10-15. Everything else about the camera is pretty good. See for yourself:

To me the IDOL performs really well with the right lighting and subject staging. I'm really impressed by the smartphone overall and for its price it's really hard to beat. If your interested in seeing more, check out my first impressions video.