Slickwraps and Spigen

Slickwraps worked with Justin Maller to bring some of his really cool art work to their skins. As a result, Slickwraps partnered with Spigen to make some really nicely designed cases. Slickwraps was kind enough to send me one of their HELMETICA SERIES SPIGEN CASES for the iPhone 6 and it looks great while providing adequate protection to my device.

Spigen makes fantastic cases that add a significant amount of grip to a slippery device, you pair that with a really great looking matte print then you have a winner in my opinion. The one Slickwraps sent me was the Midnight Warrior and the ultra high definition print does a great job fitting in with the design of the phone in a minimal way.

Now that the design has been addressed, I want to talk about practicality of this case. The design of Spigen case provides a significant amount of air cushioning around the frame of the phone that will protect against light drops. It sits snuggly on the iPhone 6 adding raised bezels that add 'lay-flat' protection to the camera bump and screen, meaning the screen and camera are raised from surface contact when you put your device on a moderately flat surface.

All the ports are easily accessible even when using headphones even if they are not the OEM Apple Earpods. Along with that, the buttons are very responsive and provide a satisfying click feeling when the volume rocker/power button are/is pressed; with the iPhone the mute toggle switch is accessible as well.

In the end, if you're a minimalist, but enjoy a bit of flavor and require a decent amount of protection the Slickwraps/Spigen case may be the right fit for you. Now if you're a fiction character fanatic (e.g. Game of Thrones, Marvel, or DC) then this case is a no-brainer. Feel free to check out the devices they support and the case designs they provide.

FYI they're currently running a 'Back-To-School' special with a discount code, enter the code "SCHOOL" at checkout to take advantage of 42-percent off your order.