iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Slickwraps Case

Slickwraps was kind enough to send me out another one of their cases they created with partnerships from Justin Maller and Spigen. The Loverman is a part of their Helmetica Series of cases.

The ultra hi-definition print really shines and looks fantastic on the black iPhone 7 Plus. I think Slickwraps has done a fantastic job making an otherwise plain case a interesting conversation starter. Spigen cases are some of the best on the market and the prints really complement them very well.

I have had no issues getting to the mute toggle switch nor have I lost any tactile feedback from the buttons. The design of the case reassures me that I am protected from minor drops because of Spiegn's Air Cushion Technology. I also don't think twice about laying my phone face down on flat surfaces, as the raised bezels keep it clear of any potential scratches. This also goes for the camera bump on the back. It's protected!

The case feels great in the hand, and my only complaint would be is that it's so clean it shows dust and fingerprints like no other. You'll definitely be cleaning this thing off regularly. Also it's priced kind of high; coming in at $33. Slickwraps often does site wide discounts, I would recommend you wait for one of those to come around if you're looking to pick one of these up and don't need it right away.

Ultimately, if you're into charaters from comics, TV shows, and the movies Slickwraps has you covered. Hit their website to check out there cases for your device.

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