International CES 2017

I was lucky enough to attend this year's International Consumer Electronic show thanks to two great companies! dbrand and Anker where awesome enough to help me make it to the show this year, and without them my coverage would not have been possible.

You could spend a month on the show floor and still not see everything there. I did manage to find some interesting stuff. The first and most interesting item that I found was Synology's new RT2600ac wireless router that gives users the ability to create and manage their own VPNs.

Second would be DJI's new CrystalSky monitors, giving operators a dedicated screen to flying their drones. These are DJI's super bright monitors that will work fantastically in direct sunlight, giving users the screen realestate they need to be effective drone operators.

Roland had some really awesome stuff on display. They're going to bring to market some super affordable audio interfaces and have already made available an affordable livestream switch.

Panasonic had a bunch of cool stuff, but the only thing that had my attention was the GH5. It's a great improvement over the GH4, and will make a ton of people extremely happy considering the price and all the features you will get.

LG's booth was probably the most impressive in my opinion. Everything they showcased was presented really well and there were some things that I wanted to buy and put in my own house right now.

And finally here's all the stuff I took with me to cover CES 2017.

Hopefully you enjoyed my coverage and if you wanted to let my sponsors know they sponsored the right guy, feel free to visit dbrand and Anker. You could also tweet them by saying they made the right choice in supporting me!