Interesting Things from CES 2018

Here's a photo gallery and quick synopsis of the things I wish I had more time to make videos on.


First up, TCL and their TVs! They ones the had on display did not disappoint. They looked phenomenal packing a visually pleasing display with built in audio to match.


While I was visiting the TCL booth I got a chance to check out the Blackberry Motion. Definitely something I want to try and get my hands on for a review.

Marantz Professional

There was an interesting Marantz addition to giving DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters the ability to power their XLR microphones. The PDM-706 and PDM-602A are ways you can record high quality audio to cameras that don't have XLR ports.


Then there was GoPro with their 360 action camera. Surprisingly they had the nerve to display the Karma at their booth, having just made the announcement they were going to discontinue it.

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics had their new EVO on display in full force. It took over much of their booth and was the key focus of what they wanted to showcase. Basically a foldable drone that is driven towards portability. They gimbal looked a bit concerning to me as it didn't seem balanced when the drone was powered off, hopefully this is the result of preproduction, as the camera seemed a bit front heavy. Maybe that's by design...?


And finally, in the drone area, I saw this crazy take-down drone technology that looked like something out of the Terminator. I really got a kick out of this and could totally see this becoming something we see at major events.

I had a good time at CES this year, but I think I'm going to take a break from the show for awhile. I found myself looking for more camera gear than anything else, which brought me to a realization that I should probably focus on NAB instead. It's less crowded, there's way more cool stuff (at least to me), it's way cheaper to attend, and the weather is much better.

I hope you enjoyed my coverage of the show. With y'all, this type of thing isn't possible for me and I sincerely appreciate the support!

If you want to see any of the video coverage from the show hit the link below!