Panasonic GH4 Gets Significant Firmware Update

The Lumix line of cameras have been a new addition to my workflow and I have no regrets in making that change. Panasonic announced today the DMC-GH4 will get a fantastic firmware update bringing VLog-L and Anamorphic shooting. Now you can utilize the all of the Micro-Four Thirds sensor; therefore, you're going to have to to some un-squeezing of your source footage.

Now the above images show what you'll have to do after you utilize the yet to be introduced anamorphic capabilities of the DMC-GH4. I pulled the above images from a recent work by The Camera Store folks, they did a fantastic video on this HERE.

Using an anamorphic lens will give you the ability to take a "squeezed" image and turn it into a fantastic 3356 X 2496 masterpiece. With all that being said, when can you expect the Lumix DMC-GH4 to receive the updated firmware? Version 2.2 should be available later this month on Panasonic's support website here:

I'm extremely excited for this as it opens up the door for me to continue to learn more about my gear. In addition to being extremely happy for my decision to ditch Canon for a company interested in improving their current equipment by maximizing the hardware everyone has bought into.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment down below.


V-Log will not come until later this year.  Mathew Frazer from Panasonic confirms while speaking to the folks over at No Film School during their coverage at NAB 2015 here.