Modularity Loses Another Battle

It's with a depressed but not surprised heart that Apple's 2015 MacBook does not have any user upgradable components. Even the SSD is soldered into the housing of the computer. I was totally expecting Apple to do this, but I was hoping they wouldn't. It's a classic case of expecting the worst and hoping for the best - this time my expectations were met and we have to chalk this up in the loss column for modularity enthusiast like myself.

OWC confirms the new ultra-thin, -portable MacBook that began shipping recently will not have user upgradable storage.

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Those who know me, know I don't like the direction Apple is going with their laptops because they are making it impossible for users to troubleshoot and repair their own personal computers after their warranty expires. It is damn near impossible for person to be able to recover a retina MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and now the 2015 MacBook from a cola spill like I've done here.

It's unfortunate Apple is going in this direction with their laptops, however, I completely understand the importance of portability. But portability at the expense of user control is not acceptable in my opinion. I don't think a $1500-$2500+ laptop should have a shelf life of one to three years. Go ahead and damage it outside of your warranty and I bet Apple is inclined to say: "it looks like it's time to buy a new laptop" or pay the astronomical cost of repair. All while OEM components can be purchased through a third party and cost of repair is significantly reduced.

I know most of you may be saying that the solution to this is: "Get a PC," but for me that is just not an option. OS X just works best for what it is I do and I feel more at home in the creative space working on a Mac.

It's not long before modularity loses the war on the Apple front.

I'll crawl back in my hole, continue to complain, and all while writing this article on my 2012 unibody MacBook Pro. And when time comes to upgrade I'll keep my budget to under $1500 for a new Apple laptop - continuing to fork over the money. Definition of insanity right?