My Take on the LG G4

The G4 is LG's newest iteration at a flagship device. As manufactures are starting to take away our options for removal batteries and expandable storage, LG opted to stay with what we've all grown accustom to as Android users. Here are my thoughts on the G4, enjoy!


  • Form factor and ergonomics, as it fits really well into your hand and allows you to one hand this device.
  • Camera takes perfect pictures nearly every time and for the pros the camera software allows you to take granular control of all camera elements to set up the perfect shot.
  • Display is a beautiful 5.5" IPS panel boasting a 2560 X 1440 resolution and a 538ppi.
  • Fluidity and processing power is really commendable with the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor.


  • No wireless charging right out of the box! Why LG?! WHY!?
  • LG's skin, I just can't help but wonder what if the phone came with stock Android and the only thing LG developed was the camera software. LG's skin just feels unfinished and in need of some polish - the polish being STOCK ANDROID!
  • Battery life is less than stellar but it will get you through a day's work.