Sennheiser MX 686G Sport Headphones

The MX 686G Sport headphones by Sennheiser are some of the best workout headphones I've used. Although I think the pricing on them is a bit high considering the very specific use case you would have for them. Alternatively, the MX 686Gs are about half the cost the Powerbeats 2

They feature a weather proofed design, meaning they can handle all the sweat you can throw at them, additionally if you're running in the rain they will continue to function as expected - although I would say stay away from fully submerging them in water. 

The reinforced cable is also a really nice feature, there is nothing more frustrating than having a tangled set of headphones on your hands. Especially when you're gearing up for a workout. The cable is heavy duty and will last you many hardcore workout sessions.


  • Excellent build quality, cable and ear buds built for the long haul.
  • Sound great, producing 8-20000 Hz on the frequency spectrum.
  • Design, they will stay put when in ear - also great color choice in my opinion.


  • Ear buds, it's one size fits all option with the MX 686Gs - ear fatigue is inevitable.
  • No iOS remote support, the included remote is not fully functional on iOS.
  • Wired, when it comes to working out sometimes the wire will get in the way of your activity.