Apogee Groove

Apogee Digital recently introduced a very practical and useful tool into the audio world. Regardless if you're just a person that likes to dabble in the world of high -quality, -fidelity music or you're a professional mixing or audio engineer the Groove Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) will get the job done. The Groove is so portable it included a lanyard hook on the body of the DAC. It's an extremely portable plug and play option for everyone that wants or needs to power high impedance headphones without having the time or space to carry a fully blown audio interface with them.

With a friend, Eries Cornelius, I take a closer more in-depth look at the Good by Apogee Digital:

Here are some uncompressed WAV audio samples from the test done in the video review. Note: due to limitations of my blog, download of these files may be required:

Ultimately if you're an on-the-go audio professional or an audio file that just loves to listen to high quality music the Apogee Groove is something you should consider. In addition if you're considering diving into purchasing a set of high impedance headphones, this is a 'Must-have' item so you can take advantage of the headphone's hardware.  What did you think of the samples above?