Sennheiser HD6 Mix DJ Headphones

The HD6 Mix by Sennheiser are some of the best headphones I've ever tested. They reproduce the sound frequency extremely accurately, this allows you to appreciate the fullness of all the different ranges. Although, be aware these headphones play favorites to the lows (bass) just because of the nature of the design.

The 112dB capabilities will keep those of you that enjoy super loud music on your noggin' very happy. Oh, and because they're super loud, they function really well in a DJ environment, however, don't think you're limited to using them this way. They are a pro version of headphone, which work well in all production settings. I found them extremely useful while monitoring voice over for my videos.


  • Affordable pro level headphone.
  • Sound is super crisp and frequency representation is extremely accurate.
  • Built extremely well, even though they are primarily plastic.


  • High tendency of ear fatigue - especially for those with big heads.
  • Non-adjustable ear cups.

Overall, these are a fantastic set of headphones. Sennheiser's attention to detail makes for an extremely well built set of cans. The Sennheiser HD6 Mix DJ headphones run about $150-$170 on Amazon.