Sirui P-204S Monopod

The Sirui P-204S is World's Best Monopod! The multipurpose usage options and modular design make this piece of equipment a MUST HAVE for all hobbyist and professionals. I've utilized other monopod systems and there is no comparison when it comes to application in the field. The P-204S is leaps and bounds over the competition when it comes to design and build.

It all starts with the base of the monopod. The design, build, and implementation of the nearly 7-inch legs are a testament to Sirui's seriousness when it comes to protecting your equipment. Let's face it, anyone that has ever used a monopod has left it standing, unattended at some point or another - this could be a costly mistake, but not with the P-204S. The legs are as sturdy and steadfast as any tripod (minus wind and people bumping into it). Here Carlos Peguero aka @PremiereRevier speaks exactly to that point:

The P-204S starts at around $160 USD and there is a caveat to that pricing. Sirui does not include any type of head attachment, which translates to you having to provide your own fluid or ball head as well. That being said, it's still the best possible investment you can make because I'm sure most of us have a spare fluid or ball head laying around. The CowboyStudio 717AH fluid head and DMKFoto heavy duty ball head are great affordable options you can include and use with the Sirui Monopod.

Sirui also makes a carbon fiber version of this monopod, but it may not warrant the extra cost as it runs into the $240-250 USD range. The Sirui P-224S is $239.95 USD right now on Amazon, so if 0.2 LBS is a big deal to you, you may want to consider going the carbon fiber route. Larry Dickerson aka @GeekyNerdDad purchased the carbon fiber version, but could not justify the price difference to keep it. He ultimately went and stayed with the P-204S. Check out his video below:


  • Multipurpose and adaptable to all shooting environments.
  • Modular and creative design.
  • Superior build quality.
  • Extremely stable and trustworthy of holding my equipment.
  • Price!


  • No fluid/ball head included.

Final thoughts, if you're considering a monopod purchase BUY THIS MONOPOD NOW! You will not regret it!