CyberPower 1350VA UPS - AVR Series

A UPS (not the folks in the brown clothes) is a vital element to a workstation. Uninterruptible power supplies are probably the most ignored element in most setups. UPSs are something that could save you the heartache of having to restart a very important project, or worse... Save you from having to replace thousands of dollars of equipment. CyberPower makes a very affordable UPS - the 1350VA is one of CyberPower's most affordable and best selling UPSs. Coming in at around $140 USD, it's pretty much a no brainer to include one of these into your setup.

Food for thought:

  1. UPS will protect all of your important equipment during less than desirable electrical situations.
  2. UPS will save you from projects becoming corrupted in the event of a power failure.
  3. UPS is affordable and is easily implemented into any setup.

Finally, don't get caught having to rework a project you spent hours of time on. Modern productivity applications have failsafes built in, but they don't always work - so don't risk it! Avoid having to replace thousands of dollars of equipment due to electrical damage, UPSs provide next level surge protection. It's much easier to replace a $140 UPS then it is a $4500 Mac Pro. Wouldn't you agree?