Moshi - The Best Ways To Protect Your Apple Investment

Choosing the right hard case for your Apple laptop can be a confusing and challenging task. Good thing there's Moshi. Moshi is a great way to go if you're considering a hard cover case for your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. They make hard cases for a wide array of personal electronic devices. I've been using Moshi for a long time, I've had the iVisor (15-inch retina) and PalmGuard (15-inch retina) on my Apple laptops since I can remember. The amazing thing about them is that I'm still using some of the same ones from a couple years ago. They're fantastic!

Moshi reached out to me on Twitter and sent me a pretty awesome care package.

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First we have the gold iGlaze for the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro. This is a great way to achieve that elusive gold color on a MacBook Pro without sacrificing performance and having to go with the newly introduced MacBook.

The the iGlaze for the 13-inch MacBook Pro comes in a lot of different colors. iGlaze colors include:

Now if flashy gold is not your taste and you like the minimalist approach, then the stealth clear option may be the way you want to go. This color of iGlaze also facilitates appreciation for the design of the MacBook Pro because it is virtually invisible. This is also a good way to go if you have a skin on your MacBook Pro and want to protect it as well.

Finally, the Codex is a great travel case option that may be something the jet setter could make use of. It's a beautifully constructed and functional travel case for your MacBook Pro. They also make them for the MacBook Air. See for more details.