Sirui VH-10 Video Fluid Head

My affinity for Sirui started with the P-204S Monopod. I began to look into the company and realized they made a plethora of other camera/video equipment. One such specific piece of gear that caught my eye was the VH-10 Video Fluid Head. Coming in at a hefty $250 USD MSRP, I knew exactly what I was going to begin saving up for. I did see it on Amazon for around $180 USD so I knew I would only have to save up for a short time.

Little did I know Sirui had seen my video on the P-204S and really enjoyed it. So much so, they reached out to me and offered to correct the issues I identified with the feet of the monopod and wanted to know if I was interested in reviewing another item of theirs - fluid/ball head specific. At that moment I was excited to ask for the VH-10. Here are my thoughts:

As soon as I put my hands on the fluid head I knew this thing was meant for my workflow. This is one of those special times when I could not find anything that needed improvement. The VH-10 is perfectly designed, engineered, and manufactured. It's like Sirui took all the best features of current competition and implemented it in a stylish and practical fashion.

The VH-10 had a couple of noteworthy things that sold me on it:

  1. It features an all metal/aluminum construction.
  2. The tilt and pan drag are the smoothest I've ever experienced.
  3. Quickplate mounting is adapted to my current workflow (supports the Manfrotto 501).
  4. Pan and quickplate locks feature quick tightening (it only takes 1/4 turn to tighten things down on the VH-10).
  5. It's friggin' beautiful!