GH4 (V-Log L Workaround)

It looks like you can test out the upcoming V-Log L picture profile if you enable it using Panasonic's Image App on your mobile devices. Follow the instructions in this video and you should be good to go to try it out until you get your paid version, as there are some caveats to using this now on its unofficial release.

If you like what you use and are seeing (which I do) and want to preorder your copy of this firmware key, head on over to Panasonic and get your order in for the $99 upgrade. This workaround only excites me, I can't wait to unlock this feature in its entirety, as I've had my order in since they announce it.

Hey Panasonic! Ship my key out to me already! Pretty please!

Update (Mac Version)

Looks like Panasonic took down their v2.3 firmware since the release of this video. Never fear, I've got the version here for you to download at your convenience HERE.