You have a media project? I'm local to the Northern Utah, more specifically the Ogden and the greater Salt Lake City area. Here's some of the services I offer. In addition to the general quotes below the following rates will be billed per the project:

Pre-production and work day rates (flat rate)

Independent/freelance: $1,000

Corporate: $2,500

Travel is billed at 0.50¢ per mile.

Equipment fee $500 flat rate. Includes camera, lights, and audio only.

Post-production billing

Professional Development

Meeting your training needs is always a difficult task. I specialize in creating the most effective, efficient, and engaging training videos in the area. I am an instructional designer by profession and know that I can facilitate many different media and video needs.

Contact me for a quote.


Many small businesses and companies need to have professional interviews done for many reasons. I can quickly turn around an extremely beautiful product that can be used for marketing or professional development.

  • $500-1000 for 5-10 minute video

Product or service advertisement

Today professional service advertisements and product ads can make for effectively marketing your business. I work closely with you to ensure the final product is exactly what you want and make sure the final work can easily be shared via all social media outlets.

  • $1000-1500 flat rate

Business advertisement

Marketing your business is more than just a simple video, but making a professional business advert can make all the difference. Many factors should be considered when making effective business ads; to include how your ad is shared across the internet.

Depending on ad needs

Generally $1000-1500 for 5-7 minute advertisement

Medical/dental practice video tours

If you want to get patients in your door without them ever stepping foot in your facility, video tours are a welcoming way for you to bring more patients into see you and your staff.

Depending on business building size

Generally $750-1500 for 5-7 minute tour video

Real estate video tours and Photography

Having high quality videos of your property may mean the difference between selling your property quickly or having it sit on the market for months. If you're looking to make your property listing more robust I can definitely help.

Depending on property size

Generally $750-1500 for 5-7 minute tour video

I can also offer photography along with video work, but my experience is definitely video.

  • $300 - 10-25 high resolution images

  • $500 - 50-60 high resolution images

Live streaming

Live streaming events to the internet can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but is a valuable tool to engaging your customers. If you would like to build your social media presence live streaming is one way to do it.

Depending on time and location needs

Generally billed hourly for services

Some notes:

  1. All pricing subject to change per customer needs.

  2. An official proposal with statement of work including quote will be provided to match scope of work for customer projects.

  3. 4K UHD (3840 X 2160) and 4K DCI (4096 X 2160) at 60 frames per second video format available upon request at no additional cost.