The Best and Worst of the LG V20


The second screen is by far one of my favorite features of the LG V20. It's a 2.1 inch, 160 X 1040 screen placed at the top of the device that shows you a ton of useful information and frequently accessed applications/settings. Next up, removable battery! Sounds weird saying that is one of my favorite features of a smartphone, but a lot of major manufactures opted to not include it in their flagships. The removable 3200 mAh easily gets me through a whole day and if I need more juice I can just throw another battery in it. Third, expandable storage and you're able to go to 256 GB via MicroSD card.

The creator focus with the LG V20 is great. You get a ton of control over the camera application and are able to capture some high quality audio when you're out making videos with the smartphone. Finally the DAC on the LG V20 is fantastically awesome and needs to be heard to be believed on how good it actually is.


The most noticeable and probably the most annoying thing about the LG V20 is the second screen bleed. The display is so bright that they shine over to the main display when going from bright to dark settings. I reached out the LG and they said it’s normal, but it's definitely bothersome.

Very noticeable bleed.

Two different review units (both production).

It's unfortunate that there is no water resistance with the LG V20 it's probably due to the storage expandability and removable battery. The one thing that doesn't make sense to me at all with the LG V20 is the mono down firing speaker, it's tinny and easily covered. I know I said I loved the second screen - and I still do - but where it is placed on the device makes it difficult to use with one hand. It's a tall device and the screen is difficult to reach.

Finally LG's skin over this version of Android is not my favorite. It'd be nice if LG left the OS and stuff like that to Google and LG spent more time focused on app development. They could easily do great things with the camera, audio recorder, and second screen maximization. This is just personal preference and is something easily solved by using a Launcher like Nova.

What do you think are some of the best and worst features of the LG V20?