15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review

The newly introduced MacBook Pro with touch bar is a pretty good machine. I've had a good user experience with the laptop the past month. My review goes into detail with how I used it and what my conclusions are, check it out!

I did some basic benchmarking of how OpenGL and Metal held up using two simple GFX options that can be found in the Mac App Store. The 2016, 15-inch MacBook Pro held up pretty well in both tests.

Then I jumped into rendering and exporting using Adobe applications (Premiere and Media Encoder respectively. This is what the project timeline that I rendered and exported.

The results are talked about in detail in my full review video found above. Ultimately, it's a great computer, but because of the high cost and the need to further invest in a change in work flow when talking about connectivity, it may be too much for people to jump into. I look forward to further development of the touch bar and to see what Apple brings to the next iteration of this laptop.